Receive Service – Help Desk: How to fund your Marketplace Wallet

How to fund your marketplace wallet

Thank you for choosing Marketplace has your bills payment banking service. In this section, you will find information about the various alternate methods to fund your wallet, herein referred to as the receive service.

At Marketplace you can find your wallet with the following option:

  • Card Wallet Funding
  • Payment link to Wallet Funding
  • PushPay to Wallet Funding
  • NFC Payment

Card to Wallet Information1

This receiving service involves using your debit/credit card to source funds from your card to your wallet either for a one-time/a recurring payment. You will be required to enter your card details manually for this type of service to be successful.

The system will ask you to verify card ownership by submitting a one-time password (OTP) that your bank will send to your phone. This implementation is necessary to ensure the protection of the card owner.

You may choose whether or not to save the card for recurring card payments. If you choose not to save card details, you will need to manually enter your card information each time you wish to fund your account using a card. However, there is a 1.4% charge on any fund deposit made from your card.

Please note that we are PCI-DSS compliant, so your details are safe with us.

Payment Link to Wallet Information2

This receiving service utilizes the NetappsPay payment link to facilitate the transfer of funds from your bank account or card to your marketplace wallet. By clicking the payment link button, you will generate a link that enables you to deposit money into your wallet.

This action will direct you to NetappsPay’s secure payment gateway. On this page, you will need to review the payment details, including the payment amount, the source of debit (bank account or card), and any accompanying description or reference. Once you have reviewed the details, click the submit button to proceed with payment.

Upon successful completion of the payment, customers will receive a confirmation message or redirected to a confirmation page. This confirmation page will provide important information, such as a transaction ID and serves as proof of the successful payment.

Furthermore, the payment link feature allows you to request funds from multiple individuals. You can share the payment link with others, enabling them to use any payment option available on the NetappsPay payment gateway to fund your wallet. However, there is a 1.4% charge on any fund deposit made with the payment link.

We assure you that we are PCI-DSS compliant and adhere to the Industry Data Security Standard. Rest assured that your information is safe with us, and we prioritize the security and privacy of your details when using our payment link service.

PushPay to Wallet Information3

 Netapps PushPay is a service that allows you to receive push payment notifications on your mobile device linked to your BVN (Bank Verification Number). This service enables you to source funds from any of your bank accounts to your wallet. To successfully use this service, you only need to enter the phone number registered with your BVN.

When you receive the push payment notification, please click “Accept payment.” It will redirect you to a page where you can choose the source debit account.

PushPay is a direct debit payment option that enables you to accept payments directly from the bank accounts of your Nigerian customers or send payments to anyone. This payment method was developed and pioneered by the Netapps Technologies team. It has received approval from the Central Bank of Nigeria and serves as its regulatory body. Additionally, PushPay is a trademark of Netapps under the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investments Commercial Law.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):4
  • Can I use the phone number I receive my bank alerts with?

No. Please note that you should only provide the phone number attached to your BVN.

  • Is the PushPay notification specific to a particular type of phone?

 No, whether you have a Smartphone, Java phone, or non-Smartphone, the PushPay service covers all phone types and sends notifications accordingly.

Generate Receipt5

Generating a receipt entails creating a financial document that describes a financial transaction. This might be for a bill payment or a transaction between you and the recipient. They serve as a record of the transaction, including information such as the customer’s name, the bank’s name and address, the date of the transaction, a description of the bank’s products or services, transaction I.D and the amount paid. There is no cost for this type of service.

Once created, a receipt can be stored, printed, or emailed. Receipts assist in tracking financial transactions and offer proof of payment.

NFC Payment6

This receiving service involves using the NFC to source funds into your wallet.

The NFC, or Near Field Communication payment are contactless mobile payment that allows you to make transactions with one tap or waving your NFC-enabled device, such as a Smartphone or contactless card, near an NFC-enabled payment terminal. Additionally, NFC payments require you to make a one-time set-up on your device by connecting your payment card or app before any payment process.

It is also important to note that to make a payment using NFC, an NFC-enabled device must be near an NFC-enabled payment terminal or initiated from the same device to establish a secure connection. However, a customer is mandated to confirm the transaction details before any payment is processed via NFC connection.

NFC payments offer convenience and speed. The security measures employed during NFC payment, such as encryption and authentication, help protect your payment information during the transaction.

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