The NETAPPS Pay is an API that allows you to link your application or website to a banking system in order to transfer money, store cash, confirm client IDs, verify bank accounts, and integrate bill payments. This piece will provide you with all the details on integrating your business into the NETAPPS pay processing system. We’re more than thrilled to release our payment gateway that lets you send and receive money from anywhere in the world. This implies that the consumers of your service will be able to successfully pay for your products and services from anywhere. We can’t wait to get you started with us.

You will find below step-by-step instructions and detailed reference material on how to simply and quickly get your website/application up and running with our services.

Our Payment Options

As a small company owner, we help you offer your clients the option of deciding how they wish to pay you for the services you provide. At Netapps, we provide you with the following payment gateway channels; your customers can pay you via:

  • Card
  • Bank account or Transfer –
  • NQR
  • USSD
  • Mobile money
  • PushPay

Card Payment

With Card payments, you can pull funds directly from your customer’s debit or credit card for either one-time and/or recurring purchases as customers supply their card details. This makes it more convenient for customers to check out items or buy plans or services easily. Click to read more

Bank Account

This type of payment collection let customers pay online using their bank account. During payment, the customer is redirected to their online banking portal, logs in and approves the transaction. The feature allows customers to pay through their internet banking portal or by providing their bank account number and authenticating using an OTP sent to their phone or email

NQR Code

The NQR code allows customers to pay you by scanning a QR code which is an alternative to doing electronic funds transfer at the point of sale using a payment terminal. The QR option generates a QR code that allows customers to use a supported mobile app to complete payments. When the customer scans the code, they authenticate on a supported app to complete the payment. Click here to read more


This helps you receive instant payment from anyone using a simple USSD short code via mobile phone technology.


The PushPay is a direct debit payment option and enables your company to accept payments directly from the bank accounts of your Nigerian customers. This payment method is a unique solution developed and pioneered by the Netapps Technonlogies team. PushPay has received approval from the Central Bank of Nigeria, which serves as its regulatory body. Additionally, Pushpay has been trademarked by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investments Commercial Law.

The Pushpay sends a push payment notification to your customer’s bvn (Bank Verification Number) registered mobile number. Upon recieving this push notification, customer is asked to choose which of their bank account they would like to be debited from. Once confirmed, the payment is automatically sent to the you and payment becomes complete. Click here to read more

Mobile Money

The Mobile money allows your customer to recieve payment in the mobile money wallet. This is an alternative to recieving money with Bank transfer as customers makes payment into your NUBAN (Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number)