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Enjoy Quick Electricity token recharge with less stress!

Paying For Your Electricity Post-Paid or PrePaid 1

Buy your electricity token on the marketplace with a charge lesser than the charge you will get anywhere else.

You no longer need to go to a physical office or stay in long queues to pay your electricity bill. You can buy your electricity token from anywhere in the world, whether at home, at work, or on vacation. Netapps Marketplace got you covered. Learn more…

Borrow Electricity2

No money? Don’t worry! Marketplace has you covered with the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) feature.

You can now buy electricity token from Marketplace for yourself and your loved ones by paying a fraction of the cost and spreading the balance (installments) over a period. To use this service, we will evaluate and verify your credentials, including your credit score.

Always remember that Netapps Marketplace is your one-stop for all your financial needs.

Schedule Purchase3

This type of service involves setting up a recurring or future bills purchase. The “Schedule Purchase” service saves time and eases stress.

Marketplace will debit the specified amount from the source account and purchase your electricity token on your behalf on each scheduled date set by you. Additionally, users can modify or cancel “scheduled Purchase” at will.

Scheduled Purchase is best for efficiently managing financial obligations and goals.

Gift Electricity Token4

Create a gift voucher for your family and friends to help cushion the effect of cumbersome bill purchases and many more. Users have the flexibility to create these coupons with predetermined quantities and expiration dates. Click to Get Started

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