5 Tips to Reduce Your Electricity meter Usage

5 Tips to Reduce Your Electricity meter Usage

There are several reasons why your electricity usage will finish on time. Many believe high-wattage equipment, such as heaters, refrigerators and irons, are responsible for quicker unit depletion. However, there are several other reasons why your meter will deplete faster. In this piece, we will share tips for metered and non-metered customers to help reduce your electricity consumption. We hope this works for you. 

  1. Install CFL or LED bulbs.

The type of bulbs you use plays a significant role in power depletion. Getting energy-saving bulbs such as compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) will help reduce your consumption while saving you money.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are highly efficient bulbs that can help reduce unit depletion as they are better than regular bulbs for energy conservation.

Other than for residential use, LED bulbs are a fantastic choice for streetlights, sidewalk lighting, outdoor illumination, and industrial applications. 

2. Turn off empty fridges or freezers and Unused appliances.

Turn off empty fridges or freezers and regulate their usage, especially when the items contained in them at any given time are not susceptible to being stale or considered a priority, such as having only pure water in your fridge.

If the items contained therein are not susceptible to being stale, there is no reason to leave the fridge/freezer running for hours.

In the same vein, turn off appliances that are not in use, like the Tv you leave running on when you are not watching them or the microwave and many more.

Do not leave water heaters on for too long, as this is very important for those who run hot baths regularly. It is better to regulate heating time when using water heaters to reduce electricity depletion.

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3. Buy or replace old appliances with energy-efficient ones.

As technology evolves, energy efficiency is now built to reflect in new home electrical appliances pushed into the market daily, from air conditioners to fridges/freezers to pressing irons, fans and energy-saving kitchen appliances. Although they are pricey, it is advisable to consider purchasing them to prevent unit depletion.

4. Let food cool down before placing it in the fridge/freezer.

Allow your cooked food cool down before freezing or refrigerating it for optimal use. Placing hot food directly into the fridge or freezer can affect internal temperature, leading to higher electricity consumption. 

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